College of Architecture



Eranad Knowledge City College of Architecture (EKCCOA) stands as a beacon of architectural excellence, where academic prowess meets warm camaraderie. Our institution is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about fostering a community where creativity thrives and bonds are forged. Step into a world where innovation meets friendship, where every student is empowered to unleash their potential and shape the future of architecture. Welcome to EKCCOA, where academia meets friendship, and dreams take flight.

Student Life

Welcome to the vibrant tapestry of student life at Eranad Knowledge City College of Architecture (EKCCOA). Here, every moment is an opportunity for growth, creativity, and connection. From collaborative studio sessions to spirited discussions in our cozy cafes, student life at EKCCOA is a dynamic journey filled with exploration and discovery. Embrace the camaraderie of fellow students, immerse yourself in exciting extracurricular activities, and embark on a journey of self-discovery unlike any other. At EKCCOA, student life is not just a chapter; it's an unforgettable adventure waiting to unfold.