College of Architecture

Ar. Jamsheer A

Assistant Professor

B.Arch, M.Arch (Environmental Design), AllA, IID, IBM EDT practitioner, CIPD 1 (Landscape Design)


With a decade long experience in the field of architecture of which 8 years alone is attributed to his invaluable contribution to the education field, Jamsheer exhibits a passion for sustainable and eco-friendly design development, and this reflects in his teaching and research interests.
Jamsheer holds a B.Arch degree from TKM College of Engineering and an M.Arch in Environmental Architecture from McGan’s School of Architecture in Ooty. In addition to his academic qualifications, he has also pursued various certification courses to enhance his skills and stay updated with the latest industry trends.
He has completed a certification course on “Making Sustainable Life Inspiring and Low Energy Dwellings Normal” offered by GreenBuild University. This course has provided him with a deep understanding of sustainable design principles and strategies to create energy-efficient dwellings that inspire and promote a sustainable lifestyle.
Throughout his career, Jamsheer has gained valuable experience working with renowned architectural firms such as AVC Architects in Bangalore and ATTIKS Architecture in Calicut. Currently, he serves as the Principal Architect at Eco Leaf Architecture, where he leads sustainable design projects and promotes environmentally conscious practices.
Jamsheer’s passion for sustainable design, coupled with his expertise in IBM Design Thinking, allows him to approach architectural projects with a holistic perspective, integrating functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. As an Assistant Professor at EKC College of Architecture and Planning, he imparts his knowledge and guides students in exploring the realm of sustainable and environmentally friendly design