College of Architecture

Prof. Dr. AR. Arunava Das Gupta

Academic Advisory Member

National President IUDI ,
Former HOD Department of Urban Design SPA Delhi.
B.Arch (IISET Shibpur),
M.U.D ( SPA Delhi), PhD (SPA Delhi)


Professor Dr. Ar. Arunava Das Gupta brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as an Academic Advisory member at EKC College of Architecture. With a distinguished career spanning various leadership positions and collaborative initiatives, Prof. Das Gupta is renowned for his contributions to the field of urban design and architectural education.

As the former Head of Department of Urban Design at the esteemed School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) in Delhi, Prof. Das Gupta has demonstrated his leadership abilities and commitment to academic excellence. His tenure as National President of the Institute of Urban Designers India (IUDI) further underscores his dedication to advancing the profession and fostering collaboration within the architectural community.

Prof. Das Gupta’s international engagements highlight his global perspective and cross-cultural approach to architectural education. Serving as the Coordinator of Joint Exchanges and External Examiner at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University, UK, he has facilitated valuable partnerships and academic exchanges. Additionally, his roles as Co-Coordinator of Joint Research Projects at the Center for Transcultural Studies, Heidelberg University, and NTNU, Trondheim, Norway, underscore his commitment to interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange.

Prof. Das Gupta’s involvement in various collaborative projects, such as “Cities for Youth” in Rajasthan and the “Nurturing Neighbourhoods Challenge” with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, reflects his dedication to addressing pressing urban challenges and promoting sustainable development.

As a member of the Departmental Research Committee (DRC) at SPA Bhopal and an Advisory Board member for Architecture and Planning at IIEST Shibpur, Prof. Das Gupta plays a crucial role in shaping academic programs and fostering research initiatives. His contributions extend to curriculum development, as evidenced by his involvement in the Syllabus Committee for the MUDD Program at Manipal University.

Prof. Das Gupta’s educational background, including a Bachelor of Architecture from IISET Shibpur, Masters in Urban Design from SPA Delhi, and Doctor of Philosophy in Urban Design from SPA Delhi, provides him with a strong foundation for his scholarly pursuits and academic leadership.

With his extensive experience, international collaborations, and dedication to advancing architectural education and research, Prof. Dr. Ar. Arunava Das Gupta enriches the academic community at EKC College of Architecture and inspires students and faculty alike to strive for excellence in the field.