College of Architecture

Prof. Sathya Prakash Varanashi

Academic council member

B.Arch.( 1982-83), M.U.D ( SPA Delhi),
M.A Heritage Conservation (University of York, UK)


Professor Sathya Prakash Varanashi is a distinguished member of the academic council at our architecture school. With a rich educational background spanning architecture in Bangalore, Urban Design at SPA, Delhi, and Heritage Conservation at the University of York, UK, Prof. Varanashi embodies a multifaceted approach to architecture, consultancy, and education. As the co-founder of Sathya Consultants, alongside associate architect Deeparani Ethiraj, he has been at the forefront of designing cost-conscious, culturally appropriate, and eco-friendly architecture for over three decades.

Having commenced his teaching career at SPA, Delhi in the late 1980s, Prof. Varanashi has held significant roles such as Professor, Head of Department, and visiting faculty across eight esteemed institutions, currently contributing his expertise to three colleges. His influence extends beyond the classroom, with over 150 lectures delivered at college and professional events nationwide.

Residing in Bangalore, Prof. Varanashi remains deeply engaged in advisory committees, academia, writing, and creative pursuits, reflecting his ongoing commitment to the architectural community. As a TEDx speaker and prolific content creator on YouTube and blogs, he shares his insights and expertise with a broader audience.

In addition to his academic and professional endeavors, Prof. Varanashi is an esteemed associate member of INTACH since 1986 and has maintained a longstanding association with IIA since 1983, underscoring his dedication to professional organizations. He is also a founding member of esteemed institutions like CIVIC Bangalore, IUDI (Institute of Urban Designers, India), and ICAC (Conservation Architects India), further demonstrating his commitment to advancing the fields of architecture, urban design, and heritage conservation.