College of Architecture

Ar.Shamri NP

Assistant Professor

B. Arch (GEC Thrissur)


An architect, entrepreneur, and sustainable enthusiast, draws inspiration from her alma mater, Gov. Engineering College Thrissur, where she honed her skills and passion for architecture. As the Principal Architect at Walls Between Design Studio, she leads with a vision to create spaces that not only stand as architectural marvels but also contribute to a sustainable future.

With a Master’s degree from Anna University, Ar Shamri brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice. Her architectural journey is guided by a profound belief in using resources efficiently and responsibly, aiming to inspire her students and peers alike. Through her teaching, research, and practice, she endeavors to instill in others a sense of stewardship towards society and culture.

Shamri is deeply committed to the thoughtful crafting of quality spaces in design. Her research interests lie at the intersection of climatic responsive design, hospitality design, and biophilic architecture. By exploring innovative approaches that harmonize with nature, she seeks to redefine the relationship between built environments and the natural world.

With a fervent dedication to her craft and a vision for a more sustainable future, Shamri continues to push the boundaries of architectural excellence while nurturing the next generation of architects to embrace resourcefulness and creativity in their endeavors.